4 Swing Set Maintenance Tips

A playset is a major investment and like any other investment you should put the time in to protect it. The key to maintaining any part of your playset is preventative maintenance. Plan ahead, simply set aside one weekend each year to stain, tighten and clean your playset equipment. A few hours of prep work can give you many more years of safe playground fun in the backyard.

Here are some ways to keep your swing set looking like new:

Stain and Seal

One of the most critical components of preserving your wooden backyard playground equipment is staining or sealing. It protects the unit from outside elements, which is why we recommend that you do it annually. However, you may find that you need to stain or seal more or less often depending on the climate you live in.

Before you start, remove any accessories and toys from the wooden structure.  Be sure to clean your play set with soap and water. You can also power wash it on gentle to ensure you get every bit of dirt and debris off. (Note: Powerwashing on high will damage the wood). Let the swing set dry. Ideally, you can wash on a Friday evening and then do the staining/sealing process on Sunday. Lightly sand any rough patches and apply stain or sealer.  Wait 24 hours for the stain/sealer to dry and then put the accessories back on.  Now it’s time for your kids enjoy their playset all over again.

Check Hardware

You should check the hardware of your playset as often as possible, but at least once a year. Inspect the bolts and tighten any that have become loose. Doing this does not take much time, and all you need is a wrench.

Replace and Clean

Regular cleaning will help keep your playset looking brand new. Give your swings and other accessories a good wipe at least once a year. You may need to replace your tent canopy top after about 3-5 years, as the strong summer sun and our Canadian winters can take their toll over time. This can also be an opportunity to upgrade your playset by replacing weathered accessories such as swings and slides or even adding more components to your set.

Update the Ground Surface

An upgrade option could be to add a thick layer of rubber mulch beneath your playset for added padding and enhanced safety. Rubber mulch lasts longer and requires less maintenance than wood mulch. It is also easier on little feet when kids jump off a swing.  You can also use a thick layer of pea gravel.

Consider new Upgrades

Your children have grown older since you first purchased your play set, perhaps they need a few more fun additions from monkey bars to new slides or even the addition of some NinjaLine items to add more challenge to their growing skills.

You can upgrade your playset at Play Outdoors Canada – we have a wide selection of slides and other accessories to choose from at competitive prices. Browse our selection online or call us (877) 408-1523 for expert recommendations.