5 Fun and Free Spring Activities For the Whole Family

After a long, cold winter, your kids are probably ready to enjoy the fresh, warm spring air. Embrace the sunlight and longer days by taking them outside for some fun. Here some exciting family activities everyone will enjoy.

Read Outside

Reading helps children develop their imagination, language, and comprehension skills. You can make this productive activity even more fun by taking it outside, where your children can take in some fresh air, and Vitamin D. Have everyone grab their favourite book or current read and head outside to embrace the beautiful weather. You could even use a covered playset as a canopy and act out scenes from your children’s book.

Play in the Rain

A lot of days in spring are rainy, but that does not have to spoil you or your kids’ fun. Instead of staying inside when the rain starts to fall, have everyone put on their rain boots and coats and splash around outside. Find puddles to jump in or run through wet grass. It can turn a dreary day into an exciting and lively one for the whole family.

Clean Up Your Park

Show your kids the fulfilling feeling of volunteer work by having everyone clean up your local park. Grab some trash bags and rubber gloves then pick up trash left on the ground by others. This is a great way to give back to the park and your community while also teaching your kids the value of community service. They can be rewarded after by playing in the park they just helped clean.

Go Hiking

Hikes are an excellent way to get your legs moving without doing anything too strenuous. You can check online for nearby trails or nature preserves to explore. It is an excellent opportunity to take in the sounds, sights, and smells of the great outdoors. Hiking in the spring is especially rewarding because you will likely come across budding foliage and blooming flowers.

Playset Fun Centre

You can continue to make your playset an engaging toy by playing games with your kids that involve it. You can check online for playset games like capture the flag or ghosts in a graveyard. They typically use parts of a playset as a prop, or you could add accessories as well for more games. A popular customization parents make to their kids’ today is turning it into a ninja warrior course. Creating an obstacle course is not only fun for your kids, but it also encourages them to be active and improve their gross motor skills.


If you want to upgrade your playground equipment with a playset or obstacle course additions, contact Play Outdoors Canada. We have several options you can choose from to enhance or build your playset from scratch.