5 Reasons to Get Your Children to Play Outside

Having quality outdoor play time is important for children for many reasons. Outdoor play helps to develop motor skills, it gives kids a chance to experience natural air and sunshine and serves as a great stimulus for their imagination. Here are the top five benefits that children get from playing outdoors.

Better Gross Motor Skills

Kids develop optimal gross and fine motor skills by playing outdoors. Most children start developing their motor skills between eight months to twelve months of age. However, to develop those skills further, sensory based activities are a must. And what better than creating a sensory experience for them in your own backyard? Adding a fun playset or swing set that gives them an opportunity to hold onto things, jump, push levers, and move skillfully can enhance their experience towards sensory learning.

Decreased Screen Time

With increasing dependency on gadgets for entertaining children, today’s parents use digital games and media as a form of stimulus for their kids and depend on them to occupy and stimulate their kid’s brain development. Although educational games and media are helpful, they can certainly not replace the mental and physical benefits of playing outside on a swing set or playset. Parents must limit screen exposure to a minimum to prevent eyesight and attention deficit issues. Instead, encourage children to have unlimited outdoor time during the day.

Encouraging imagination and energy release

After all, what is a childhood without imagination and energetic activities? Playing in outdoor parks, running and climbing on playsets and swing sets and experiencing physically strenuous activities are extremely important to ensure better agility, improved digestion, improved creativity and holistic well-being of your child. Outdoor activities offer unlimited possibilities and encouragement for kids to be creative and utilize their bottled up energy to expressing themselves, even if it means simply running around the garden.

Finding joy

If as a child you have ever experienced the pleasure of chasing a butterfly, competing to see who swings the highest on a swing set or hanging by the monkey bars to see who gets to the finishing spot first, we don’t need to tell you how playing outdoors can be incredibly joyful. Most children enjoy outdoor play especially during the spring and summer times when the temperatures are quite warm. While playsets and swing sets are great, introducing some variety in the form of games like football, volleyball, soccer, etc., may also help your child to start enjoying outdoors rather than playing a video game indoors.

Shaping social skills

Early childhood experiences teach kids a great deal about their social skills. The time they spend outdoors with their friends teaches them how to experience happiness together, share toys and playset equipment and also to socialize. For families with one kid, outdoor play parks are a great opportunity to give their kids a chance to socialize and make new friends.


With the approaching Canadian summer, it may be time to introduce new playsets, swing sets and other play equipment that your kids are likely to enjoy. Talk to Play Outdoor Canada today to know what varieties of play equipment you can add to your backyard to up the fun value.