Here are some reasons why Jungle Gyms Canada is the best!

  1. Our Jungle Gyms are designed to withstand our cold, harsh Canadian winters.
  2. Our products help families enjoy outdoor playtime together and sows the seeds of a healthy, active lifestyle that gaming systems and television simply can’t provide.
  3. All of our gyms are designed to withstand as many adults and children as you can get on them, making our Jungle Gyms the strongest residential playsets on the market.
  4. We use lag bolt and wood screw fasteners – never nails or staples. Lag bolts do not need re-tightening like carriage bolts or other through bolt fasteners, so there’s no need for annual maintenance or service.
  5. Recessed hardware means that all bolts are countersunk for safe and aesthetically pleasing look. No caps! Exposed bolts can create a hazard for loose clothing to catch on.
  6. Heavy Duty Slides – sturdy wave slide with high side rails and scoop slides with double-wall construction.
  7. All of our Jungle Gym sets are built to exacting standards
  8. Jungle gyms aren’t just fun for the summer! They are fun during every season.
  9. You can camp out for the night in our Fantasy Tree House Jungle Gym.
  10. Enjoy the luxury of walking out your back door and spending hours of fun-filled, quality family time on your Jungle Gyms Canada playground.
  11. We guarantee, our craftsmanship and value cannot be matched.