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What’s the difference between a Referral and Display Dealer?

Referral Dealers earn 15% of the total product sold for simply asking their existing clients if they are interested in a children’s playground. Display Dealers earn 20% of the total product sold by simply asking their customers if they are interested in a children’s playground and must purchase a playground (at a discount) for their retail business.

How much time will it take me?

2 minutes! When you are speaking with your client, simply ask if they are interested in a backyard playground, then call us with their contact information and we take it from there. That’s it!

How much will I make on the average playground?

Our most popular model is about $3,500. In this example Referral Dealers would make $525 and Display Dealers would make $700

We sell over 70 styles of playgrounds that range in price from $2k – $20k

Do I have any other obligations?

Referral Dealers have no additional obligations.

Display Dealers must purchase a playground for their retail business (at a discount) and place a picture or our video on their website.

Who looks after any warranty issues?

We will take great care of your customer, including any warranty issues.

Do I need to know anything about the product?

We will give you free catalogs and any education you wish, however you are free to send any questions directly to us.

How do I know if this will work for me?

What have you got to lose? Almost no effort for Great Potential. Approved retailers who are not ready to purchase a playground may become a Referral Dealer.


Product Information

  • All wood is 100% Cedar
  • Pinch free coating on swing chain
  • No weight restrictions on all models
  • Bolted together with through bolts for strength and ability to disassemble and reassemble.
  • 15 year warranty on all wood, lifetime warranty on swing hangers and all double walled slides and 1 year warranty on everything else.

  • Can be installed on uneven ground.
  • Powder coated steel ladder rungs.
  • Wood is rounded on all sides including the ends.
  • Bolt heads are recessed to prevent injury.
  • Commercial grade swing hangers


Here’s How It Works


Step 1

Ask your client if they are interested in a children’s playground?


Step 2

Call us with the client’s contact information.


Step 3

We send you a cheque.

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