Keeping Your Children Active During the Winter

Keeping your children active during the winter

Huddling around the fireplace with your family during a snowy Saturday night during a quiet Canadian winter is a very relaxing experience, especially after you have spent the day enjoying the frosty weather.

Planning a few outdoor winter activities every weekend is a great way to keep you and your children active and healthy. If you are stumped about what to plan outside to ensure your children stay fit and have fun, read below to see the best winter games and activities.

Use your backyard as an open canvas

We will start this blog with fun ways to utilize your own backyard when it is too snowy to drive around. After a major snowfall, your backyard will be cascaded with a fresh sheet of white snow that has endless opportunities for fun!

You can start by building a family of snowmen and deck them out with accessories like scarves, jackets, and carrot noses. After that, you can start building snow forts that your children can use to explore or set up a snowball fight with their friends. Build the forts close to the snowmen for added coverage!

For added fun, your children can use their backyard playset as an imagination winter wonderland. They can take a break from all their games to sip on some hot chocolate in a sheltered area underneath the playset or they can use it to slide into the snow. Swinging on the attached swing set is also a fun way to spend a winter day!

Explore the great outdoors

If you are feeling adventurous and the road conditions are good, take a family trip to a local park or hiking trail. Most parks will feature an outdoor skating rink or a sledding hill (if not both), so pack up the car with their favourite sleds, a pair of skates, and get ready to spend your day laughing and spending quality time with your family.

Hiking during the winter is a great way to see the wildlife who loves snow play around with their friends. Since all the leaves are gone, you will be able to see winter birds chirp on branches and squirrels run around looking for food or having fun. Take a winter wildlife book along with you to see how many species you can spot.

Play Outdoors Canada

No matter how you stay active this winter, make sure you are getting outside as much as you can to enjoy all the activities you and your children can do when it’s snowing. At Play Outdoors Canada, we know how special playing in the winter can be, which is why we build all of our playsets to endure any type of weather all year round!