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This kit includes all the specialty hardware you needed to build :

  • 2 – TAB* 3×9 Bolts with nuts
  • 1 – 1.25″ Pipe Brackets
  • 1 – Double Knee Brace Brackets
  • 4 – 5/8″ Carriage Bolts with flat washers, lock washers & nuts
  • 4 – 6″ RSS screws
  • 4 – 4″ RSS screws
  • 4 – 10″ RSS screws
  • 1 – T-40 Bit
  • 1 – T-30 Bit
  • Downloadable CAD drawn detail page

*TAB – Tree House Attachment Bolt

All of the TABs are based upon the original design specifications by Greenwood Engineering in the Stud Tree Fastener 9STF) diagram. Some versions such as the TAQB 3X6 HP and the TAB 6×9 HP are larger, but the machining process and most of the other specs are the same as the original Tree house Attachment Bolt (TAB 1×6 HP) which is very similar to the STF. One difference is ours are 4 threads per inch instead of 5, which installs faster and grabs the wood better.
Please remember that our fasteners do no have weight ratings. The actual weight they will hold depends on the species of the tree, the tree’s ongoing health, the distance the load is placed from the tree, the depth to which the collar is installed, whether or not the end of the fastener is backed up higher in the tree with a suspension system, and other design specific factors. Please consult your professional engineer, arborist, or experienced tree house builder to ensure that you choose the right fasteners for your tree house project. Safety is #1

PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 weeks for delivery




This kit includes all the specialty hardware you need to build one or our tri-beams.