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This Tree House bridge kit is for connecting two wooden platforms that are up to 15 feet apart.

We offer this kit to help make building your own as easy a possible.  A bridge like this is not something that can be pre-assembled and shipped with minimal installation, and many of the parts would be hard and/or expensive for you to acquire in small quantities. However, we have done the hard part of gathering everything you will need in once place (except lumber, which you buy locally), and have prepared a set of instructions for you to follow.


  • CABLE:  Cable is 3/8″ galvanized aircraft cable. There will be two pieces in your kit for running underneath the bridge floor. Hardware is included for attaching the cables to wooden tree house platforms/decks and also for connecting the bridge floor to the cables.
  • ROPE HANDRAIL:  The rope is 1-1/8″ Polyester 3 strand rope (tan colored like the netting). There will be two pieces – one for each handrail.  Each piece is 8 feet longer than your bridge length, which gives you 4 feet to tie a knot onto your railing post (a bowline knot takes about 3 feet of rope).
  • NETTING:  We provide a square hung net that is 12 feet wide by the length of your bridge – there is enough to wrap around the walking surface and ensure that small children can’t slip through anywhere.  It is 2″: mesh and tan coloured (black is available too upon timely request),
  • SHIPPING TIMES:  Kits typically ship in 2-3 weeks.
  • INSTRUCTIONS & SUPPORT:  You will get a few sheets of paper with instructions, tips and diagrams.  If you have further questions or need more help of any kind, please contact the number provided with the sheets.

This bridge kit is intended for connection to sturdy wooden platforms/decks. Please shore up the foundations with bracing if necessary. Ensure that railings on either entrance to the bridge are extra well built. It is a good idea to reinforce joist connections with screws and/or lag bolts in the areas near the bridge connection especially where nails could pull out due to tension forces from the bridge.


This Tree House bridge kit is for connecting two wooden platforms that are up to 15 feet apart.

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