Xtra Deluxe Scallywag Sloop

MSRP: $52,500.00 Price: $49,500.00

It’s a pirate’s life for me!  Your buccaneers can imagine they are sailing the high seas or shipwrecked on a desert island with our pirate themed tree house. For the ultimate pirate vessel, you’ll want our deluxe model. We’ve added lots of interactive play accessories to the standard version including a 6’x6’ oversized balcony, a spiral turbo slide, and a staircase with landing. We even positioned monkey bars underneath to add to the fun! To top it all off, this spectacular tree house comes with a one-of-a-kind, hand-carved, solid redwood barrel/crate stack that supports the bow.

If you and your family love pirates, this amazing tree house is a must have. As always, our tree houses are built with fun, durability, and safety in mind, guaranteeing years of imaginative play.

Colour choices:  Red, Blue, Dark Green, Yellow, Orange or Dark Brown

Delivery cost estimates between $2,000-$6,000    (Allow minimum 6-8 weeks for delivery)
Installation to be calculated at time of order, however may change depending on topography of customer’s property


  • Real oversized log (approx. 5 ft diameter)
  • Log features: porch, door, ladder, and cannon
  • Oversized 5’x6’ clubhouse
  • Crooked windows and cannon holes
  • 2 clubhouse doorways
  • Mast with crow’s nest and pirate flag
  • 8’x6’ pirate ship bow with ship’s wheel
  • Skeleton figurehead
  • Fireman’s pole
  • Redwood barrel/crate stack carving
  • 6’x6’ oversized balcony
  • Staircase with landing
  • Monkey bars
  • Spiral turbo slide
  • Pirate theme package