Xtra Deluxe Tommy’s Turbo Terrace

MSRP: $30,700.00 Price: $26,700.00

The Deluxe Tommy’s Turbo Terrace Tree House adds to our Original Tree House package. In keeping with our whimsical design, the pickets are recycled wine barrel staves which have been sanded and rustically painted. A rigid spiral turbo slide makes for an enjoyable exit. The deluxe model includes an oversized log, oversized clubhouse, oversized balcony, a belt swing, and a staircase with landing. Most importantly, our tree houses are built with fun, durability, and safety in mind, guaranteeing years of imaginative play.

Available in red, blue, dark green, yellow, orange or dark brown.

Delivery estimated between $2,000-$6,000 (Allow a minimum 6-8 weeks for delivery)
Installation costs to be calculated upon time or order


• Real oversized log
• Log features: porch, door, ladder, and window with eave
• Oversized 5’x6’ clubhouse
• 4 crooked clubhouse windows
• Clubhouse doorway
• 6’x6’ oversized balcony
• Staircase with landing
• Spiral turbo slide
• Roof dormer
• Belt swing on redwood beam
• Rust accent package