Xtra Standard Scallywag Sloop

MSRP: $36,900.00 Price: $34,000.00

Arr me Hearties! Looking for that perfect play set for your little pirates, check out our Scallywag Sloop Tree House. We themed out our crooked clubhouses by adding an authentic, hand-built ship’s bow, complete with ship’s wheel and skeleton figurehead. On top of the clubhouse is a ship’s mast with a crow’s nest, and a pirate flag warning others that “pirates sail these waters”. The standard model features lots of upgrades including an oversized log and balcony, making room for a larger crew. A fireman’s pole is positioned off the bow and belt swing is also included.

Available in red, blue, dark green, yellow, orange and dark brown

Delivery cost estimated between $2,000-$6,000 (Allow a minimum 6-8 weeks for delivery from ordering time)
Installation to be calculated at time of order, however may change depending on topography of customer’s property.


• Real oversized log
• Log features: porch, door, ladder, and cannon
• Oversized 5’x6’ clubhouse
• Crooked windows and cannon holes
• Clubhouse doorway
• Mast with crow’s nest and pirate flag
• 8’x6’ pirate ship bow with ship’s wheel
• Skeleton figurehead
• Fireman’s pole
• Belt swing with redwood beam
• Pirate theme package