Xtra Tommy’s Turbo Terrace

MSRP: $20,000.00 Price: $17,000.00

A step up from the Original is our Tommy’s Turbo Terrace Tree House. Adding to our Original Tree House package, we frame in a doorway which leads onto a balcony constructed with redwood and cedar.  In keeping with our whimsical design, the pickets are recycled wine barrel staves which have been sanded and rustically painted. A rigid spiral turbo slide makes for an enjoyable exit.

All of our tree houses are built with fun, durability and safety in mind, guaranteeing years of imaginative play.

Colour choices:  Red, Blue, Dark Green, Yellow, Orange or Dark Brown

Delivery costs estimated between $2,000-$6,000 (Allow minimum of 6-8 weeks for delivery)
Installation cost will be calculated at time of order, however may change depending on topography of customer’s property.



  • Real standard log (approx. 4 ft. diameter log)
  • Log features: porch, door, ladder, and window with eave
  • Standard 4’x5’ clubhouse
  • 4 crooked clubhouse windows
  • Clubhouse doorway
  • 4’x5’ balcony
  • Spiral turbo slide
  • Rust accent package