Common Questions & Answers

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A – The Swing Beam and legs use our exclusive flush mount thru bolt fastener system– we bolt two-piece timbers together to form a beam, with the same dimensions of a 4×4 for the legs and 4×6 for the beam (using 12 bolts for the strongest beam in the industry). Better and stronger than solid timber or laminated construction.

The patented steel A-Frame (1-2-3) Bracket system provides a solid connection for the swing beam and legs. Simply slide the beam and legs into place and use lag screws to fasten.

Don’t want a swing beam and swings? That’s OK…we can remove the beam and swings to reduce your cost by $300. You can replace the beam with a climbing device or slide…we’ll leave it to your imagination. We will work with you to make this a playground that will keep your children smiling and busy for years to come.

BSwing Accessories – most of the playsets come with 2 heavy duty sling swings and 1 trapeze/gym ring combo bar for tons of swinging and hanging fun for the kids and adults alike. The plastisol coating on the steel, straight-coil chains ensures a smooth, soft grip for the children – no pinched fingers here.

Yes, we can substitute other swings as well – check out the full bucket and half bucket swings for the younger members of the family.

Our Angle Based and Multi-Deck Series have the added fun of a Tire Swing to twist and turn.

A plastic Glider comes with our Multi-Deck Series of playsets, providing fun for the younger set (ages 3+) to swing together, however the maximum weight load is around 100 lbs. The glider can be substituted for any of the swings except the tire swing if you wish.

CRock Wall – the rock wall comes with all of our playsets except the Fantasy Tree House. The grips provide great hand holds for your children to climb the wall.

D – Add a built-in cedar Picnic Table under your swing set clubhouse available to all of the playsets except the Angle Based Series (Supreme, Supremescape & Extreme). Top quality picnic table is constructed with 100% natural cedar that is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage. All lumber is pre-stained, sanded, pre-drilled and comes ready to assemble with all assembly hardware and instructions

Other upgrades for this space include adding a bottom playhouse or a picnic table.

EClimbing Ladders is all part of the fun for your child to get great exercise and work on their eye-hand coordination and leg work outs.

Steel Rung Ladders are all part of our Straight Base and Multi-Deck Series of playsets.

The Angle Base Series have either a Wooden Step Ladder with hand rails or a Steel Rung /Wooden Step Ladder combination.

Wooden Step Ladders can be added to most of our Series of playsets and are a perfect addition for families with younger children who want the security of holding onto hand rails as they climb the stairs.

Ask us if it’s possible to change the ladder structures to suit your needs.

F – We offer a full line of slides for your backyard playset. Want to change the type of slide on any play set series you see – choose between our exciting spiral turbo slides, humongous scoop slides and our traditional wave slides for a ride the kids will just love!

We offer several sizes, so swing set play decks of all heights can be accommodated. Not sure what size slide you are looking for? We make it easy! Simply view the specifications tab under each model to find out the minimum opening required, play deck height range and slide distance from the clubhouse after it is installed

G – Add these Monkey Bars to your swing set to add a fun and challenging activity for your children. Our monkey bars are constructed from 100% cedar, which is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, and all lumber is factory stained for added protection. Constructed with 4″ x 4″ ladders and steel rungs, our monkey bars are made to last and will be the biggest around! All assembly hardware, instructions and yellow steel monkey bar rungs are included.

H – Most of our basic playsets come with a Canopy Top with the choice of Solid Green or Green/Yellow Striped.

You can also upgrade to a 100% natural cedar Sunburst Wood Roof that is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage. It has tongue and groove construction and is pre-sanded, stained and pre-drilled for easy assembly. Your house will be the talk of the neighbourhood and your children will love their “grown-up” clubhouse.

I – The Clubhouse is the centre for all the fun with its elevated height your child will enjoy letting their imaginations run free. Access the clubhouse by ladders, rock walls or monkey bars and then hop on the slide to start the fun all over again.

J – Fun items accessorize the clubhouse like a steering wheel or deluxe ship’s wheel, binoculars or telescope, and grab handles to make getting into the clubhouse easier for smaller children.

K – The Jacob’s Ladder gives your children the chance to climb up a treehouse rope ladder to reach the clubhouse while improving their balance and grip strength. The Jacob’s Ladder cannot be removed, it is an integral part of all the Straight Base and Angle Base series of playset’s support structure. 

Q: How do I pay for my swing set order?

A: For all Swing Sets and accessories, Jungle Gyms Canada requires full payment on the day you place your order, including delivery and installation cost.  To keep our prices low for everyone, we prefer that the payment be paid by e-transfer or by cheque (your order enters the queue once your full payment has been verified).

If you would like to discuss other payment options, please contact our office 1-877-408-1523


Q: What are the age ranges for our play sets?

A: Dreamscapes and Supremescapes 2-7,  Dream and Supreme and all Multi-Deck sets 2-14, Extremes & Ultimates 5-14  but mom and dad can play on any of these too.

Q: Is hardware included in accessories?

A: Hardware is included with some accessories. Ask us for more information before ordering.

Q: I don't see what I'm looking for. Can I place a custom order?

A: Yes! Call us at 1-877-408-1523 to talk to one of our qualified swing set experts.

Q: Do you offer a warranty program?

A: Yes, our residential playground suppliers provides extensive warranties to complement our own warranty program. See our warranty page for more information.

Q: What wood is used in the Eastern Jungle Gym playsets?

A: All construction is 100% cedar (c.lanciolata) grown in China/Taiwan.  It is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, no chemical treatment is necessary to preserve the wood (unlike other woods).  This genus of cedar has less knots than north American grown trees providing more structural integrity.   All wood is sanded, and edges and corners are rounded.

Q: Does my Jungle Gym swing set need maintenance?

A: Yes, all bolts should be tightened and all accessories inspected periodically. Swing hangers should be lubricated occasionally to prevent squeaking. Tire swivels should be greased annually or as need.

Although all of our Jungle Gyms are pre-stained from the factory, we do recommend that the wood should be lightly sanded if needed, and restained or resealed annually to maintain its natural beauty.  Eastern Jungle Gym has provide this input:       Our stain is water based, not chemical based.  This is done so we don’t expose children to chemicals.  Unfortunately, water based stains are not as long lasting as chemically based stains.  Our stain has about a year or so life span in general if left unsealed.  The peeling is not a sign of degradation of the wood, just the stain peeling off and exposing the natural gray color of the cedar.  New customers who want to preserve the stain should buy wood sealant and apply it to the set when they receive it.  A re-sealing is advisable every year or two.  This method of protecting stained wood that is exposed to the elements is the same for wooden decks, furniture etc.  The customer can sand down the peeling sections so it is smooth.  If they just want to re-stain a few spots, a cedar colored stain is advisable, but note that those parts will appear darker then the original stain.  Customers who have an issue with uneven stain color appearance will need to re-stain not just a few spots but the whole set in order to achieve an even appearance.  In these cases a darker stain color such as redwood is best so that it covers the sections of the set where the original cedar stain is still in good condition

Stain can be purchased through us or a close match can be done using “Colonial Maple” varathane wood stain that you can purchase from your local Home Depot Store.

Q: My yard is not level. Can I still install a Jungle Gym?

A: Yes! We have a unique leveling system which enables us to customize our Jungle Gyms to accommodate most property conditions.

Q: Are surface cracks and checking in the wood normal?

A: Yes, it is a natural characteristic of any outdoor wood product and will not affect the structural integrity of the Jungle Gym.

Q: My property is not level. Can I still install an Eastern Jungle Gym playset?

A: For slightly unlevel properties, we recommend our Eastern Jungle Gym brand Straight-Base swing sets: Dream, Dreamscape & Ultimate, which use a unique leveling system to accommodate most property conditions.

Q: How are your Jungle Gyms anchored?

A: All Jungle Gyms utilize a unique ground support system which distributes weight evenly to ensure strength and stability. Steel stakes are provided for the side supports as an added precaution.

Q: How much weight will the Jungle Gym support?

A: Our Jungle Gyms can support as many children and adults as you can fit on them.

Q: What if we move after our Jungle Gym is installed?

A. All Jungle Gyms are movable. They can be disassembled and reassembled at your new home. (Please ask your representative for details.)

Q: Will the slide get hot from the sun?

A: All slides are made with UV protectors which help to inhibit the absorption of the sun’s heat and also help to prevent the colours from fading. However, darker coloured slides will retain more heat.

Q: I need a replacement tent canopy top - how do I choose?

Simply remove the current tent canopy top and measure it, order the top that mostly closely fits your measurements.

Q: My swing hangers are squeaking what should I use?

Apply WD-40 or a silicone lubricant to the connection.

Q: How does my swing set get delivered?

A: In most of Ontario one of our team members will deliver the playground.   In northern Ontario and to all other provinces the swing sets are delivered by Manitoulin Transport company or one of their subsidiaries.

Q: Do you ship Worldwide?

A: We will ship only in Canada.

Q: What chemicals and treatments are applied to your swing sets.

A:  All of our playground swing sets are treated with a water based stain and sealer with a natural cedar color tone so that it is not only environmentally safe but more health friendly for children.

Q. What type of return/refund policy do you have?

A: Jungle Gyms Canada is committed to providing fast and efficient service. If you are not happy with your order and it is in NEW condition, we will refund you the product cost that you were charged minus shipping cost and a 20% restocking fee. Orders returned do not receive shipping reimbursements and are charged the actual shipping costs, to and from our warehouse.

If a returned items was a “Free Shipping” item from us, then the refund for the product will be minus the actual shipping charges and 20% restocking fee. This policy applies as long as the items(s) are returned within 30 days from shipping date and are in the original packaging. Please save a copy of all warranty, receipts, and delivery receipts for your records.

Q. What if my playground set was damaged during delivery?

A:  As an unavoidable part of the shipping industry, sometimes packages arrive damaged or defective, or with missing parts. At Jungle Gyms Canada we guarantee you will receive all parts – correct and functioning properly.  All replacement part orders are shipped standard ground delivery (regardless of the initial shipment type) unless the consignee chooses to pay for the difference in expedited shipping.

If your item was sent via freight truck and it was signed for and accepted, the order cannot be returned unless shipping is paid both ways by the customer and the item has not been opened or used/installed. If there is damage, part error, or loss in delivery, your replacement parts will be issued.  Please email us photos of the damage when you contact us at [email protected] . Save a copy of all warranty, receipts, and delivery receipts for your records.  You will receive a call from us to discuss the solutions and time expectations for replacements to be sent to you.

If an order is refused at the time of delivery due to damage, Jungle Gyms Canada will resend a new replacement out as soon as the damaged item is returned to our warehouse. The order must be cancelled with a Jungle Gyms Canada service representative over the phone to avoid having a re-shipment. Please call our offices immediately 877-408-1523 if this situation occurs. Please have a copy of all warranty, receipts, or delivery receipts when you call, and if possible email us photos of the damage at  [email protected] so we can start working on your replacement order.  You will receive a call from us to discuss the solutions and time expectations for replacements to be sent to you.


Installation and Set Up

Q. Does Jungle Gyms Canada offer installation?

A. Yes!  We have contracted a professional installer company, WeInstall It,  that has installers available in  every province except Quebec and parts of Newfoundland/Labrador.

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for installation?

A. Create a safe site free of obstacles and debris. Do not install any surfacing, such a rubber mulch, until after the swing set is installed.  Mark out in your back yard approximately where you would like the swing set to be to help the installer with the planning. 

Q. Can I do the swing set installation myself?

A. We recommend that you have the swing set installed by one of our installer companies as there are many parts.  The install companies also are covered by insurance to ensure the safety of their installers and the safe installation of your swing set.

If you decide you want to install the playground, the play set will be delivered to you.  You will need a minimum of 2 people with building construction experience to work on the assembling of the swing set.  Complete instructions are included with the swing set

The manuals for the base models (#1) and add-ons can be found on the Instruction Manuals page.

You should allow a minimum of one to three days to assemble your swing set.  Note there are several boxes each containing many parts that you will need to sort (the wooden parts are number stamped on the ends to assist in the assembly).

You will need the following tools:

  • #2 Square Head Screwdriver and bit
  • Medium Phillips Head Screwdriver and bit
  • 7/16” Standard Socket
  • 1/2” Standard Socket
  • 9/16” Standard Deep Well Socket
  • Standard Socket Wrench/Electric Impact Gun
  • Electric Drill
  • 9/16” Box Wrench
  • ¼” Pilot Drill Bit
  • 7/8” Countersink Drill Bit
  • Tape Measure
  • Carpenter’s Level
  • Claw Hammer
  • Razor Knife
  • Step Ladder
  • Safety Glasses


Q. How much do you charge for installing a swing set?

A.  A general rule of thumb is the installation cost is 20 per cent of the cost of the playground including add on accessories, not including delivery.  It will cost more if you have artificial turf that our installers would need to cut to fit the swing set firmly into the ground or if your ground surface requires extra leveling.

Q. Can I pick up the play set at your warehouse?

A.  Yes you can!  The play set will need to be paid in full prior to your arrival, our warehouse team will not accept cash or cheques.  When you arrive you will need:

  • a copy of the invoice marked paid,
  • 2 pieces of photo identification (the warehouse team will take a photo of your ID as well as a photo of your vehicle licence plate for our company’s fraud protection files).

Please refer to How Much Does the Playground Weigh so that you have the proper size vehicle in which to load the playground.

Our team will assist you in loading your truck.

Q. How much does the swing set weigh?

A.  Depending on which model you choose and the extras added they can weigh from 560 lbs to 2,216 lbs.  Below are the approximate weights of the base models or #1 of each playground , the upper #’d models will weigh more than the base

  • Dreamscape 560 lbs
  • Supremescape 681 lbs
  • Dream 690 lbs
  • Supreme 771 lbs
  • Ultimate 786 lbs
  • Extreme 920 lbs
  • Sky 997 lbs
  • Sky Cabin 1,246 lbs
  • Fantasy 1,246 lbs
  • Fantasy Cabin 1,456 lbs
  • Imagination 2,216 lbs