Dreamscape Swing Set #2

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The Dreamscape 2 is a terrific swing set offering a little bit more than the Dreamscape 1, especially for families who may be working with limited space.

For the climbers in your family can access the upper clubhouse by:

  • 5 ft Access ladder with steel rungs
  • 5 ft Rock climbing wall
  • 5 ft Gang Plank with rope hand rails
  • Jacobs ladder to climb up and down.

Once they are in the clubhouse they can slide down the 10 ft wave slide to climb up all over again.

This set comes with 2 sling swings and a gym ring/trapeze bar that hangs from the 8 ½ ft high swing beam.

The clubhouse is topped with a beautiful cedar wood roof highlighted with a sunburst, and has approximately 6 feet of head room under the peak so mom and dad can be up there with the kids too!

Kids love the telescope and steering wheel to get let their imaginations soar.

The Dreamscape is the smallest of our Straight-Base Series, with it’s unique levelling system  it’s a great choice if your property is sloped or uneven.

This starter playset is rated for ages 2-7, but mom and dad can play on it with the kids too!

Actual Footprint:  23 ft x 9 ft     Recommended Play Area:  35 ft x 21 ft

Thinking about maybe installing this swing set yourself?   You will need the base swing set model plus  Wood Roof and gang plank.

Dreamscape base model (opens in new tab)

Wood roof (opens in new tab)

5 ft Gang Plank (opens in new tab)

You will need the base swing set model plus  Wood Roof and gang plank.

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Club House 55″ x 39″
Wood Roof

8′ high 3-position swing beam
2 – Sling Swings
1 – Gym Ring/Trapeze Bar

1 – 10′ Wave Slide (green )

1 – 3.25′ x 5′ Rock Wall
1 – Jacob’s Ladder
1 – 5′ Ladder with Steel Rungs
1 – 5′ Gang Plank

1 – Steering Wheel
1 – Telescope
2 – Pair of Grab Handles

Add installation services? Not available in Quebec, Newfoundland, or Labrador.