What Makes a Playground a Great Place for All Children to Play

One of the most underrated topics in the industry is what makes a great playground. Most people have different ideas of what makes a great playground. However, the general consensus was, a great playground is the one where you can ‘do’ something! It could be anything right from playing in a sand pit to playing with playground equipment like a slide, swing sets, etc. However, there are different aspects to consider when you want your playground to be used and liked by all age groups.

Natural Beauty

Kids may not directly appreciate the trees and flowers in a playground, but having tall trees and ample shade definitely makes a difference when kids are outdoors in the summers. Moreover, what kid doesn’t enjoy running around the trees and chasing butterflies in the bushes? It is a great idea to incorporate trees and bushes to amplify the experience for kids and adults visiting the playgrounds. Make sure to steer clear of thorny plants and bushes.

Basic Equipment

In a study around which are the most favoured park equipment, various age groups expressed distinct preferences. Most toddlers agree that swing sets and slide sets are their most favourite play equipment. Apart from these, anything else that is innovative like a spiral slide or a dual swing was a big bonus. Younger children seem to like having a bicycle path in the park so they could ride around in a vehicle-free environment.

Skill Development

Child development experts around Canada recommend having playsets for kids in play parks. Equipment such as moving puzzles, tic-tac-toe boards and sand pits help kids to build a variety of cognitive and interpersonal skills. These include solving challenges through systematic thinking, playing with a partner or even learning to share, out of many others.

Physical Health

This one is a no brainer. Playgrounds with equipment that utilize physical strength and activities like jumping, running or climbing help to shape kids’ physical health. Having an obstacle course, a little kids gym where they can lift something, jump over or pull/push play equipment seemed to be kids’ favourite. It is imperative to source playground equipment from reputed companies like Jungle Gyms Canada so that they are of the highest quality and safe for kids.

Parks for All

Play parks must be for all, no matter what your age group is. If you are a parent, you must have a comfortable seating space close to play equipment so that you can see your children playing. Most parents of young toddlers were of a view that while play parks are great for older toddlers and younger kids, they hardly have anything for kids that have just begin to walk. Incorporating a safe area in a play park with equipment suitable for young toddlers would be a great idea. Apart from this, many people love the idea of spending long days in play parks with packed lunches to have a picnic with. Play parks must ideally have seating benches and tables close to shade for this simple and amazing experience.

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